When a man breaks a woman

As I write this, I ponder who will it touch ? I mean sure, we all have our doubts and bouts of pain and despair–but if I share this; who can relate to that of such ?

My name is Katie.

(Group): “Hi Katie, welcome.”

I’ve been traumatized having gone through so much pain. I fell in love-uh, about three years ago with a man named James. James was the kind of man that you’ve always wished for, but never see coming. The kind of man that was classical, had a smile of gold, restored my belief in chivalry every time he held my umbrella whenever it rained.

But all of that changed when the rain cleared away. The man I had loved became a stranger to my very eyes.

The sun is out now, and I want to wear a pretty dress. (James never allowed it. He claimed that I would entice his enemies).

My hair is a mess, I want to curl it. (James never agreed, while his brows furled).

“I want to be happy !”; I screamed. (But James said that he’s not letting me go and that I’ll never be free).

One day James got so drunk and he went from being a stranger to a monster.

I was washing the dishes and had accidentally broken a glass. He storms in the kitchen; and the next thing I know…there was his fist. He punched me repeatedly while shouting; “I’m so sick of your clumsy ass”. ¬†All I could do was flinch without any glimpse of hope.

My face was completely swollen. (A few weeks prior, I had burned his shirt while ironing. It wasn’t on purpose, but he became so irate and said; “You make me late for work, I swear to God, I’m going to put you in the dirt”). I knew I was trapped.

I know my time is almost up, but I just want to say; I fell in love three years ago, and I now know it’s not love. I fall in fear everyday. I come to these meetings because I believe that I’m broken. I’ve fallen victim to being an addict–addicted to the pain. I’ve seemed to misplace my faith and my self-worth–so, blindly, I’ve given all that I’ve had: trust, my self-love, hope and power to a man named James.

Thank you for letting me share.

(Group): “Thank you for sharing”.



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